Lock Down This Rock!! – 20 – Mystery Band/Mystery Album!

I like music. I have a band. I’m gonna tell you all about it. 

 What I look for in rock: guitars, melody, guitars, energy, guitars, and guitars.

So, I’m going to review an anonymous album I have. Why would I do this? Am I a coward?

Probably. But this is a complicated issue. I have an entire illogical philosophy built up about who i will promote, and why, and not being negative, and much more. You’ll have to trust that it makes sense to at least me. Plus, now you have a puzzle to try and figure out. Email me! If you have the right answer, I’ll send you an email certificate of puzzle-ry!


This album is filled with big, indolent pop songs written by a guy who hasn’t seen a day of professional strife in his life. Each one different, a flight of fancy easily indulged because of a charmed career that consisted of being in the right place, at the right time, and sounding like a more popular artist. Early fame lead to early accolades, and built an army of yes-men and women that has convinced this artist that he can do no wrong. Is that bad? Not necessarily. But it shows.

What we have here is a collection of songs about girls with problems. Sad girls. But it’s not that simple. These are songs about fictional sad girls that only exist in the songwriter’s head. He’d like to think he knows these girls. About what makes them tick. But at most they’re romantic caricatures.

There’s quite a bit of pop sensibility, and it goes a long way toward power washing away much of the bullshit on the album. But it’s also telling that the best song on the album, by far, relies on the talents of another singer to take it to the stratosphere.

I can’t help think that the target audience for this are mopey, indie girls that grew up to be mopey, reluctantly normal mothers. And me, I guess. We all get adult contemporary, eventually. Me, I’m going to play that duet. Like, a lot.


On Payday, I like to exchange money for musical goods and services. This is what I bought!

  • River City Tanlines – Coast to Coast: Heard on the Cherry Blossom Clinic.
  • Pebbles 3 – Also heard on Terre T’s show.
  • Red Dons – A Forced Turning Point, Pariah, Death to Idealism: Like the Auslander 7″ so much, I went back for more.
  • And one other album that was released by a major label, which I refuse to list because I only promote what needs promoting. You gotta pay me to promote something backed by a marketing juggernaut. Yay, I’m petty!!


On Payday, I like to exchange money for musical goods and services. This is what I bought!

Hey, it’s a two post day! Rare!

This time around, I picked up:

And I have to give a shout out to Green Noise‘s mailorder prowess. Free USPS shipping for orders over $25. Order shipped within hours of order. Records appeared THE VERY NEXT DAY.

Whereas, I’m still waiting on some orders from last Payday from other, not nearly as together sources. Tsk, tsk!


On Payday, I like to exchange money for musical goods and services. This is what I bought!

Everything this pay period I heard on Evan “Funk” Davis’s show. The more you know…

Woollen Kits – Shelley / Down Your Street 7″
Australia is blowing up y’all! Woollen Kits, down under label mates with Royal Headache.

Cuffs – Private View 7″

Warm Soda – Reaction 7″
It’s a 7″ payday! Blowing my budget! Yeah!

Today’s Lesson in Keeping An Open Mind:

Red Kross – Researching The Blues (mp3 Album)
Okay, so those familiar with things underground will know the name Red Kross. A band’s band… beloved and championed by much more successful acts. And even by non-band people!

Over their long career that started as tweens opening for Black Flag, nothing I’ve heard of theirs has done anything for me. And now with this, their umpteenth album, I like a few songs! Granted, I still think they’re only hitting a little over half of the time, but that’s great for baseball, right? Maybe the rest will grow on me.

If I end up hating it, I can always give this to Rich. He’d eat this up. With a spoon.


Hey, it’s a new feature!

I’m not one for massive indulgence, but when it’s payday, I like to send some of my cash to bands. This is to celebrate me having a job (a traditionally iffy proposition), and motivation to keep it!

Anyway, I’m going to tell you who I’m buying every payday. I may not be able to give a proper review to everything (aka: having a job), but I can at least tell you what I heard during the pay period worthy of my further investigation.

So, what did I buy?