Lock Down This Rock!! – 29 – Milk Music/Cruise Your Illusion

Milk Music goes where the wandering guitar solo goes. Every song is an adventure. Sometime it stumbles to an awkward halt. Sometimes it explores odd corners of the mind and gets stuck. That’s my favorite outcome.

Cruise Your Illusion (man, I don’t think Axl ever thought that title had such satiric legs) often goes nowhere, and fails to gel. Singing is wrought. Sometimes overly so. And much like Magnum’s little voice, I know what you’re thinking: that doesn’t sound like a good review!

But I like Cruise Your Illusion. I find myself turning over guitar noodles in my mind at odd times during the day. Reminds me a bit of Thinking Feller’s Union 242. Don’t worry if you don’t know who that is. I barely do.

No, Nothing, My Shelter is the song where everything gels and is a great single. And I want to know Lacey’s Secret. It seems like Fat Possum is obsessed with crusty old indie acts, and really, really young bands. Hoping for another Wavves, I’m sure. Which always leaves me wondering what will happen on the next album.

Check’em out!!