Lock Down This Rock!! – 27 – The Ribeye Brothers/Call of the Scrapheap

It always gives me a happy fuzzy when I get a CD from CDBaby, and on first listen, I know I’m going to review it. It makes up for listening to women berate their children on the bus. Because that’s the other thing I had going on this morning.

So, the Ribeye Brothers… they’re not completely hurting for exposure, and are not fresh faced hopefuls. They’ve got a band of veteran musicians kicking around New Jersey, and sport a member or two from Monster Magnet. Is good stuff. Stuff deserving of a a wider distro than CD baby.

Their bio claims they do a little of this and that, but I’d call it straight up rock. Yes, there are nods to garage and psychedelia. But I think we’re far enough along the rock spectrum to agree that a backwards guitar track doesn’t necessarily expand the mind. It just sounds good. When done well. Like the Brothers do it.

I wouldn’t lump them in with the revivalists, because they have their own sound and voice, and I love, love, love the opener and closer. And there are lots of high points in-between. The songs I like least are a bit too rock, and are missing some catch, but never bad. And rock might be your thing.

And that’s just, like, my opinion man! Check ’em out!!