Lock Down This Rock!! S4, E7

An irregular review series of choice Hawaii 5-0 episodes

“Air Cargo – Dial for Murder”
Essential-meter: 7.5/10

Shipping containers have never been so deadly. Crooked import agents (is there any other kind?), divert valuables, but in a twist, ANOTHER import/export guy has a sick wife. A valuable shipment of the very famous drug Glucogone goes missing, and wife dies. The Dead Wife Guy knows something is up, and gets 5-0 on the scene. But upon learning that they intend to use the law and justice to rectify the matter, DWG decides to go vigilante with a shipment of dynamite.

Awesome Moments:

  • James Hong makes anything better. I clapped when he came on scene as a doomed, weasel-y import/export partner. He looks like he might have had a pants accident when he learns that McGarrett might be on their trail.
  • Very Important Speech – McGarrett has no pity for the woman with the junkie daughter, who was paid to “lose” shipments. She tries to squirm her way out of the truth, but his hardline ‘NO DEALS!!” stance always breaks perps down.
  • McGarrett runs (!!), and hurls (!!) a bomb into the ocean in the nick of time. Because risking his life for vermin is the least an honest cop can do.
  • McGarrett uses mad phreaking skills to decode the hood’s technological web of crime. Even Che is impressed!