Lock Down This Rock!! S4, E4

An irregular review series of choice Hawaii 5-0 episodes

Season 4, Episode 4: 3000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
Essential-meter:  6/10

Ever since Master Blaster exploded onto the Thunderdome scene, people have suspected that Brains and Brawn always work the best together. That’s the plan The Syndicate cooks up to pass off stolen traveler’s checks in Honolulu. They tie a college professor (Uncle Jeb) and a goon (Tiny Eyes, Giant Jaw) together for the perfect traveler’s check themed heist. The plan works too well. Actually, it doesn’t. The goon kills lots of innocent bystanders, leaving a convenient trail of crime M&Ms to follow.

I spent the whole episode trying to understand what the big, brain genius plan was. Boiled down to intercepting the mail. Perhaps the simplicity was the genius part?

Awesome Moment:
*This is the pilot speaking… no it’s not, it’s McGarrett, and I’ve just arrested an entire plane filled with felons!