Lock Down This Rock! – S4, E3

An Irregular review series of choice Hawaii 5-0 episodes

Season 4, Episode 3: Wednesday, Ladies Free
Essential-meter: 4/10

Very ho hum serial killer episode that I only mention to make this point:

Steve McGarrett is Jack Lord’s idea of a crime fighting superhero. Every aspect of the show is designed to make him look better. Much like Perry Mason, he always wins, even when he loses.

This episode has a twist ending. So how does Steve really shine? He figures out that the Private Eye helping him killed his wife and used a serial killer’s MO to cover his tracks.

What’s interesting about this? McGarrett uses information THAT HE DOESN’T SHARE WITH THE AUDIENCE to figure this out. So he tries to make himself look like a genius for figuring out something the audience wasn’t given enough facts to figure out themselves. Which makes it kind of a lame “twist”.

But also what makes Hawaii 5-0 kinda genius.